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Current Opportunities

We will post current opportunities for artists and industry workers here. 

The Heartland Song Network ("HSN") is a Kansas 501 (c)(3) non profit.  It's mission is to empower the creation of song through education, collaboration and mentorship. HSN and the Lawrence Music Alliance will be presenting a Private Showcase Room spotlighting generative artists from Lawrence and Douglas County, KS. Through a process juried and curated by HSN via THIS application,  a roster of artists based in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas will be chosen. Successful applicants will have their 2024 FAI Conference Registration Fee AND one year of FAI Artist Membership paid (or reimbursed if already paid prior to selection) and will be guaranteed showcase slots in the Lawrence Free State Private Showcase Room.


This is an acoustic showcase only! Other private showcases may or may not have sound equipment. This grant is made possible through generosity of the Doug DuBois Harmony Fund. Deadline to register is October 8th, 2024.


The Kansas Creative Arts Industries maintains an approved Touring Roster of Kansas-based touring companies and artists. Touring artists offer public performances as well as optional services that may include workshops, master classes, lecture demonstrations, arts education components, residencies or short performances.


Project grants for individual artists or small groups of artists. The purpose of these grants is to support ambitious projects of risk, growth, and change for the artist and/or projects that make a positive impact on the community. Visual, dance, music, theater, poetry, fashion, film, and interdisciplinary art applications are welcome. ArtsKC made 33 grants totaling $82,500 in Spring 2023. All grants were for $2,500. 49% of applicants received a grant.


Rocket Grants provide direct funding to artists in the Kansas City region who are creating exceptional, under-the-radar, and artist-centered projects in public spaces. Artists, curators, collectives, and collaborative groups residing within an 80-mile radius of the Kansas City metropolitan area are eligible to apply.


Rocket Grants award up to $6,000 to individuals or artist groups for projects that exist outside established venues such as museums, galleries, theaters or arts districts. Artists are encouraged to address the community at large, or choose a smaller, targeted audience. The long-term goals of the Rocket Grants program are to encourage emerging and non-traditional artistic practices in the Kansas City region; to contribute to a thriving arts community; and to build bridges between geographic and cultural communities.


Grant Categories and Level of Support: There are two grant categories: Mini Grants and Community Arts Grants. Applicants may apply for either a Mini Grant or a Community Arts Grant; but not both in the same year.

  • Community Arts Mini Grants will provide up to five grants of up to $500 each to help support artists with start-up costs for equipment specifically aligned with their art practice.

  • Community Arts Grants awards will range between $500 to $10,000 per project. Community Arts Grants awards will equal no more than 50% of the total project or activity cost. Cost-share may be cash and/or in-kind. Fifty percent match funds must be clearly shown in the budget proposal on the grant application. Only one grant is allowed per project.

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